Air Band RTs

MC Communications offers Air Band Radios in both Handheld and Mobile styles from ICOM. Browse our inventory below or contact us for more information/to place an order.


Maximise your ground crew communications with this RT. It features rugged construction, simple operation, alpha memory and is PC programmable. The compact size of this RT makes it functional and suitable for many scenarios. This radio comes with the RT itself, as well as the following accessories: a Battery Pack, a Wall Charger, a Belt Clip, an Antenna, and a Handstrap.


This radio features 200 memory channels with 6 character names, as well as a dedicated 121.5MHz emergency key. The accessories supplied alongside this radio include: Battery Pack BP-210N, Belt Clip MB-103, Carrying Case LC-159, Wall Charger BC-110AR/DR, Headset Adaptor OPC-499, Antenna FA-B02AR and a Handstrap.


The pilot’s favourite handheld is here! This radio is easy to use while flying because of the one-handed operating functions. The construction of this radio is water resistant and it has VOR Navigation. This radio comes with the RT itself, as well as the following accessories: BP-288 Battery Pack, BC-224 Rapid Charger, OPC-2379 Headset Adaptor, MB-133 Belt Clip, BC-123SE/SV AC Adaptor for BC-224, FA-B02AR Antenna and a Handstrap.


Rugged and reliable for serious ground crew communications. Setting a new standard for ground crew based communications, the IC-A110 provides durability and reliability in demanding operational environments. This mobile radio is capable of being installed in any vehicle, includes a front mounted loud speaker, dial selection, memory channel name capacity, side tone function and is usable in extreme cold. Included with the purchase of this radio is a hand mic, a DC power cable, fuses, a mounting bracket kit and a mic/hanger kit.


There’s no substitute for simply the best when it comes to communications equipment in an aircraft. ICOM’s high-quality VHF communications transceiver, the IC-A200 gives you a vital capability and offers the best. The IC-A200 is easy to see, simple to operate, durable and compact. It has full frequency coverage, 9 memory channels and remote control capability.

MC Communications also offers safety solutions that can be used for aviation purposes. In the event of an accident or emergency, these products will allow you to be located and rescued. The PLB’s (Personal Locator Beacons) are the most popular safety solutions as they come with GPS built in and emergency channel dialing functions. Click on the button below to view our product range.