Radio Applications

Chatter PTT

A mobile app and gateway solution, Chatter PTT intelligently enables different types of communication devices, such as two-way radios and smart phones, to communicate directly with each other. Regardless of their device, network or location, your team can connect instantly as a group or one-to-one… with the touch of a button.

Crosswire GPS

Crosswire GPS is a multiple platform location service that enables you to track your assets and improve the efficiency of your mobile workforce. Crosswire from Logic Wireless is a fully featured, software-based radio management solution featuring voice dispatch including recording, messaging and integrated location services. It offers an affordable and scalable platform to increase business efficiency and worker safety. The tool uses a server/client architecture which, via secure IP connectivity, enables connectivity to a variety of communication networks anywhere and any time. This provides a high level of operational flexibility, particularly during emergency-response situations. In addition, the tool also supports integration with SIP-based VoIP systems and is a flexible application for connecting other network types including analog conventional, MPT and P25. Links between different networks can be created dynamically or defined permanently, making it a suitable tool to support migrating networks from analog to digital.