Phone System Uses

Our Phone Systems and Accessories are suitable for a range of businesses.

So many workplace problems can be prevented by efficient and effective communication between people. At MC Communications, we understand that different businesses have different needs and requirements regarding phone systems, and pride ourselves on making successful product and customer matches every time. There are no limitations on the uses for our phone systems and accessories. If you think they could be beneficial in your business, contact us today!

Some types of businesses and industries that we currently serve for phone systems include:


Businesses in a retail environment need phone systems and accessories to communicate with their customers clearly, as well as their other stores and warehouses regarding stock and delivery times.


These types of businesses could include Healthcare Centres, Marketing/Accountancy/Real Estate Firms and Local Council Operations, among others. Offices can be ‘Small/Medium/Large Businesses’; Both local to Taranaki and across New Zealand. They can also be ‘Multi-Location Businesses’. These are businesses with offices/locations in multiple cities across the country. Our range of video conference products make communications a breeze in this type of environment.


Businesses in a hospitality environment, such as hotels and restaurants need phone systems and accessories to clearly communicate with potential customers as well as current customers/guests.