Commercial Radio

Commercial RTs have many benefits over traditional cellular devices such as mobile phones. They are often favoured over CB radios for large operations such as offshore oil rigs. MC Communications has an extensive range of Commercial Handheld and Mobile RTs available.

Benefits include:

  • Service during an emergency
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Value added safety benefits including ‘man-down’ and ‘lone-worker’ features
  • Constant network connection
  • Rugged and reliable design
  • Durable against tough elements
  • Clear audio, even in loud environments

Choose from either Handheld or Vehicle-Mounted RTs below and click on ‘View Products’ to see the full ranges.

Commercial Handheld RTs

We have the solutions for your Handheld Radio Telephone communication needs. Efficiency, productivity and safety are vital to a smooth running business, and using Handheld RTs can help. With a wide variety of models and features, our Handheld RTs are sure to get the job done.

Commercial Vehicle-Mounted RTs

We have the solutions for your vehicle-mounted radio telephone communication needs. We have different models to choose from, to ensure you are equipped with features that benefit you and your business. Safety, productivity, and efficiency are integral to your business, and our Vehicle-Mounted RTs will provide the reassurance you need.