Wireless Solutions

MC Communications offer a range of Wireless Solutions for companies of any size and industry.

Our products enable network operators to tailor connectivity to meet immediate needs and scale as needs grow. Our portfolio of solutions includes products that use the licensed and unlicensed spectrum with capabilities designed to meet business case requirements. We also have WIFI and Cellular Coverage solutions.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can order it.

Cellular Signal Booster

Meet CEL-FI, the World’s Best Cellular Signal Booster. This portable device will extend your cellular range and cover any patchy areas to ensure you are always connected, wherever you are.

WIFI Products

Ekahau Wireless Design: Build and maintain high-performing Wi-Fi networks with Ekahau Wireless Design. Businesses of every size—including the world’s biggest brands and events—use these software and hardware products to design, validate, optimize and troubleshoot their Wi-Fi.

Satellite Products

Wherever you need to stay in touch, MC Communications has the Pivotel satellite product solution to keep you connected while you are outside of mobile coverage.


MC Communications offers a range of ePMP wireless data systems that are suitable for many different Wireless service providers and enterprises. We know that businesses need reliable, high quality broadband connectivity that can be rapidly expanded and deployed. The new ePMP platform provides stable coverage across large service areas and enhances your existing infrastructure. Our radios support an impressive 200+ Mbps throughput to deliver bandwidth-intensive services such as VoIP (Voice over IP), video and data to end users across multiple vertical markets. The ePMP is optimized for outdoor applications, offering connectivity up to 13 miles with one efficient PTP and PMP integrated radio.

Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) Access

MC Communications has fast and effective wireless data solutions within the PMP Access sector. DSL, cable, and fiber network extensions are fast and cost effective with PMP wireless broadband access solutions. PMP access networks lead the industry in providing reliable networks that scale from small deployments to region wide deployments with tens of thousands of subscribers. Our options include 3 GHz licensed 802.16e WiMAX interoperable solutions and 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 900 MHz unlicensed solutions. Canopy solutions are proven around the world to be interference tolerant and provide consistent low latency for sensitive video and voice applications, making them ideal for last-mile connectivity.

Point-to-Point (PTP) Backhaul

MC Communications has different PTP Backhaul offerings that can meet your business requirements. LTE, WiMAX and public safety backhaul infrastructure need to be reliable. PTP solutions provide carrier-grade reliability in the toughest environments. Solutions include 6–38 GHz licensed and unlicensed 5 GHz wireless backhaul options. PTP backhaul solutions enable service providers to rapidly extend past the network edge to offer new subscribers secure broadband connectivity for video, VoIP, and data connectivity.