Point-to-Point (PTP) Backhaul


PTP 820 is a point-to-point licensed microwave back haul platform that integrates leading networking functionality with the industry’s most advanced microwave technologies creating a superior transport solution. PTP 820 supports all types of networks requiring hybrid or all-IP traffic utilizing three different enclosures PTP 820S – All-Outdoor unit, PTP 820C – All-Outdoor / Multi-Core, PTP 820G – Split-Mount / All-Indoor, Multi-Carrier Options.

PTP 810 and PTP 810i

Cambium Networks carrier-grade PTP 810 licensed microwave solutions provide reliable, high-capacity connectivity and back haul for both your Ethernet and TDM applications. The systems operate in radio frequencies between 6 and 38 GHz at scalable Ethernet data rates up to 700 Mbps full duplex. The modular design offers pluggable modem units that support T1/E1, STM-1, and Ethernet on a single platform.